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Do It Yourself para el fin de semana

Un buen post para el fin de semana es proponer actividades Do It Yourself, rápidas de hacer.
 Cuando llega el lunes tenemos la absoluta sensación de que el findesemana nos ha cundido mogollón y además como se hacen en un plis no nos quita tiempo para otras cosas.

Ahí van unas cuantas ideas...

Muy buena idea....se ven tan frágiles...
Además, yo que creía que lo que aprendí de adolescente haciendo pulseras y trenzitas en el pelo no era aplicable a nada....

Esta idea la he sacado de este blog!
Aquí en contraréis más fotos del tutorial... nudos y más nudos, tan solo, nudos!

Y con esta misma técnica.... forra tus antiguos brazaletes...
(a mi personalmente, lisos me molarían más pero la idea es lo que cuenta)

La idea es de aquí

Botes de plástico reciclados perfectos para que los pmás pequeños decoren con cuerdas o lanas sus propios lapiceros

Esta funda de IPAD es genial! Originalmente es una de esas bolsas de agua caliente.
Me gusta la idea por ser reciclada y porque estas bolsas siempre me ha parecido que tienen un encanto especial y me sabía mal que ya no se utilizaran...

Dear Oscar de la Renta, Thank you for helping the  world realize there needs to be a clutch for something other than lipstick and  tic tacs!  Your new OdlR ipad clutches  recently caught my eye, while walking down the runway, and P.S.-  they’re j’amazing!  Far from Geek and beyond Chic, everyone wants an ipad AND your fab bag to tote them around in.  I “P.S.”-ed my own version using my fav Gorilla Tape, electrical tape ( to add striped detail ) and  an inflatable travel pillow  case!  
I was inspired to create this project based on a competition I  participated in where the winner will receive an I Pad! This week I was asked to attend the first ever Charlotte  Russe Project Mannequin  Style-off Contest.   My theme was  a “Fashion Week” look.  I DIY’ed a necklace out to tights to  accompany a lace dress with an army shirtdress and Chanel-style bag.  Click  here to check out  the look and vote for me! 
P.S-If I get the  most votes I win an I Pad for the  case I DIY’ed above! Help me win… and I’ll send a P.S.-  reader a DIY case too! 
I’m in it- to win it.  Get involved! 

Esta idea es rápida y genial! Una bufanda de estas que están tan de moda! Un BUFF XXL!
Yo la haré fijo! La info la he sacado de aquí

Fashion, art, and creativity make the world go ‘round.  When all are combined, endless and innovative magic happens.  The never-ending cycle of a circle is something that is sought after.  This season, set your sights not only on infinite possibilities, but also scarves!  The circle scarf has become a staple in everyones’ wardrobe.  Infuse the essential chunky knit to stay cozy and au currant.  Continuous knit circle scarves can be worn long and loose or wrapped up right.  Either way you style it,  circle gets the square!
To create your own DIY circle scarf, simply cut off the bottom half of your sweater, hem the raw edge with Gorilla Tape by sticking halfway down, and folding over to seal.  After completely “hemmed”, roll underneath several times to hide the tape and create a soft edge.

Siempre me han molado las peinetas:

De-tangle for a re-tangle.  Take note in women’s hair history and get inspired by styles that have swept us away for centuries.  Today’s modern day chick typically opts for the up do for special occasions, however that’s not the case anymore.  Time to treat everyday as a special occasion!  Thakoon showed intricate hairstyles with woven colored and textured materials up and down his runway.  More creative and eye-catching Fall/Winter trends: bold fabric combos.  The other “PS” love of our lives, Proenza Schouler gets the gold medal for taking printed fabrics and infusing together in unexpected, j’amazing ways.  Get inspired by these two trends and create style of your own, especially since the hair comb is making a comeback!   
To create, Pick up hair combs from you local drug or beauty store.  I’m a huge Goody fan, personally! Rip pieces of cotton material into 1” strips.  Leave a little bit of a frayed edge will give you more texture.  If you want a cleaner look, cut your fabric strips with scissors.  P.S.- If you cant find fabric, cut up an old tee that may be lying around.  Double knot two 12” strips on one end of a tooth.  Weave the fabric in and out of the teeth, and repeat with the second piece.  Double knot both pieces together on the last tooth, and snip the ends.  You’re ready to rock the up do and adorn your hair with the ultimate DIY accessory.  Get creative with your hair style using bobby pins, and other styling tools for various looks.  P.S.- if you love to rock the high-bun, add a comb to the base of your top knot to top off!

Hacer un ponpon de una vieja camiseta.

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